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Iron – The Need to Know

  28.08.2016   OLY WOD   Nutrition   No comments

Iron.  Does it conjure images of Popeye eating spinach from a can?  Or maybe you envision scenes of Arnold doing bicep curls at Gold’s Gym in the 70’s?  Iron is

Quick & Easy Shallot Vinaigrette

  21.07.2016   OLY WOD   Nutrition   No comments

I love salad. I eat at least one salad every day, so finding the right dressing is key to completing the perfect taste profile.  My two go-to’s both involve olive

Post Workout Shake

  13.07.2016   OLY WOD   Nutrition   No comments

After a vigorous workout you must replenish your body with energy in the form of calories. By doing so your body increases protein synthesis, while decreasing protein breakdown and replenishes

Introducing “The Nutrition Tank”

  16.06.2016   OLY WOD   Nutrition   No comments

How The Nutrition Tank can help you stay on track of your goals… If you’re new to meal planning, you may feel a little overwhelmed with everything that it entails.

Portions & Counting Calories

  15.06.2016   OLY WOD   Nutrition   No comments

One major understanding when it comes to nutrition and what to eat, is this: advocates of different ‘diets’ exist EVERYWHERE! Learning what works for you will be trial and error