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Iron – The Need to Know

  28.08.2016   OLY WOD   Nutrition   No comments

Iron.  Does it conjure images of Popeye eating spinach from a can?  Or maybe you envision scenes of Arnold doing bicep curls at Gold’s Gym in the 70’s?  Iron is

Portioning Dietary Fats

  23.08.2016   OLY WOD   Nutrition   No comments

Paying close attention to portions and serving sizes can help you in your body transformation endeavours.  On the other hand, getting it wrong can wreak havoc on your efforts, bringing

Quick & Easy Shallot Vinaigrette

  21.07.2016   OLY WOD   Nutrition   No comments

I love salad. I eat at least one salad every day, so finding the right dressing is key to completing the perfect taste profile.  My two go-to’s both involve olive

Are You Getting Enough Fibre?

  6.07.2016   OLY WOD   Nutrition   No comments

Fibre is a carbohydrate, alongside, sugars and starches, but its unique properties differentiate it from its counterparts.  Fibre cannot be digested by the human body.  We lack the enzymes to