You don't need to be a professional weightlifter to look or train like one.



Each and every one of you is unique, so it’s important that we learn about your strengths, weaknesses, facility restrictions, and goals. The OLY WOD team uses a thorough intake process to ensure that we understand who you are as an athlete before we begin.


After we get to know you, we can then move forward in creating a completely customized program – whether it’s weightlifting, nutrition, or both. What works for some clients may not work for others, so each program is designed to reflect your needs and your goals only.


Together, we crush your goals. While consistency and commitment is required on your end, we also make sure that we’re there every step of the way providing ongoing support via emails, video analysis, and more. Your program is revised regularly to make sure you’re on track to success.

Gains on the go.

OLY WOD and The Nutrition Tank offer programs that are available at the touch of a screen using technology partners who provide top quality, cutting edge solutions. All Weightlifting and Nutrition programs are available via desktop / laptop / tablet / mobile to ensure that you have access to your programs any time, anywhere.

OLY WOD: Receive full access to a movement library, in-app communications with your Coach, and ongoing program tracking.

The Nutrition Tank: Get access to your 7-day meal plan, which includes a “food swap” feature allowing you to take a more customized approach to your nutrition.

Greg Van Niekirk

I’ve been trained by a number of Olympic weightlifting coaches whether it be from a certification or Personal Training and none was as educational and hands on as when I trained with Bryan.  He has a way of simplifying lifts to understand each position while still progressing with technique under heavier loads.  Other coaches will have you train with pvc pipe or an empty bar but Bryan’s coaching allows you to lift to your potential while maintaining good technique.  Bryan also carries a good amount of knowledge with mobility which is critical when it comes to technique and skill transfer to maximize power and speed; ultimately leading to heavier lifts.  I’ve also followed his OLY WOD programming on a few different occasions and saw increases to my max lifts while doing so.  Bryan’s coaching has made me a better weightlifter overall, as well as being efficient with it as a CrossFit athlete.  I would recommend Bryan to anyone  looking to improve in the Sport of Olympic weightlifting, CrossFit or athletic performance.

Greg Van Niekirk (Co-Owner/Head Coach, Lift Corktown)

Stuart Percy

“During off season, it’s up to us to stay in control of our health, this goes for training and nutrition, so it was important that I find someone who I trust to do some meal planning for me which would help me stay on track.  I sought the help of Jocie, a recommendation from my strength coach, to help me with this task.  She was professional and organized and delivered a concise and accurate meal plan for me to follow for the months to come.  This helped me to organize my meals around my workouts and ensured that I was getting enough of everything.  I’d highly recommend her services.”

Stuart Percy, Toronto Maple Leafs

Paul W.

“Jocie and I have been working together for the past year and she’s really helped me to change some nutritional and lifestyle habits that were hindering my health.  Experiencing symptoms of inflammation, I was compelled to get to the bottom of it by seeking the advice of a professional.  With Jocie’s guidance and expertise, I was able to manage my inflammation with certain dietary changes and a supplementation protocol.  Jocie is an educated professional who offers her clients effective programming that is both manageable and sustainable.”

Paul Weber, President and CEO, Perimeter Medical Imaging

Jehn P.

“With tons of trendy diets and confusing messages out there, it has been great to have someone like Jocie simplify it all for me. Jocie took into consideration my lifestyle, my likes and dislikes and made a program that was easy to follow and made my goals achievable. Jocie really knows her stuff, and makes it so easy to continue eating (and on occasion drinking) the things I enjoy but with more consciousness and awareness of when, and how much is ideal. She is easy to confide in, super supportive, and positive.

Although I thought I had healthy habits before I met Jocie, she really broke everything down for me and gave me a clear and concise roadmap to reach my ideal health and fitness goals!”

Jehn P.

Nic Martin

“Bryan brings a dynamic and engaging coaching style that is tailored to each athlete’s needs and experience level. Years of coaching and competitive weight lifting have enabled Bryan to get the most out of every athlete, be it the beginner or advanced trainee.”
Nic Martin (Head Coach, Reebok CrossFit Liberty Village)



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